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Multi steel plate lifting clamp

  • Single Steel Plate Lifting Clamp

    Single Steel Plate Lifting ClampPDQ Single Steel Plate Lifting Clamp Working Load Limit(WLL): 1-20T
    1.Suitable for lifting and transport single steel plates.
    2.Manufactured from high quality carbon steel.
    3.Avoid snatch or shock loading. Lifting beam must be in use. 4.The roller at the head of the hook will not damage the sling rope.
    5.The working load limit is the maximum load that the clamps are authorized to support when used in pairs with a lift angle of 60°. In lifting operations four clamps must at least always be used.
    6.Automatic unloading.

  • Pipe Lifting Clamps

    Pipe Lifting ClampsOD Pipe Lifting Clamps Working Load Limit(WLL): 1-3T
    1. For horizontal lifting and transporting of steel and concrete pipes.
    2. Designed to pick up tubes , pipes and rolls or similar round stock material with a diameter of up to 320mm.
    3.They are extremely easy and simple to use and make for safe lifting.
    4.Available with automatic open/close device.

  • YC Beam Clamp

    YC Beam ClampYC Beam Clamp Working Load Limit(WLL): 1-10T
    1. Provides a quick and versatile rigging point for hoisting equipment, pulley blocks or loads.
    2. Flexible application due to wide adjustment range.
    3. The central threaded spindle allows easy attachment and a safe and secure grip.
    4. The spindle can be secured against loosening.
    5. Option: Small dimensions for applications at beams with a low base height.