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Oil drum lifting clamp

  • Multi Plate Clamp

    Multi Plate ClampPDK Multi Plate Clamp Working Load Limit(WLL): 3-15T
    1.PDK plate clamp suitable for lifting and transport of multi steel plates.
    2.Manufactured from high quality carbon steel.
    3.Avoid snatch or shock loading.
    4.The working load limit is the maximum load that the clamp are authorized to support when used in pairs with a lift angle of 60°.In lifting operations the clamps can be used in pairs or multiples.
    5.According to the plate can be suspended adjust the thickness of the clamp position of the tongue.

  • Horizontal Lifting Clamp

    Horizontal Lifting ClampLC Horizontal Lifting Clamp Working Load Limit(WLL): 1-3T
    1.Horizontal lifting clamp for the horizontal lifting of“H”,“I”,“T”,“L”shaped structured steel.
    2.From a mechanics point of view,these clamps have ideal designs, which are compact , lightweight ,easy to use
    3.The main body and parts are made from die-forge special alloy steels, which are optimally tempered for maximum strength and durability.

  • Vertical Plate Clamp

    Vertical Plate ClampCD Vertical Plate Clamp Working load limit(WLL): 0.8-20T
    1.From high quality carbon steel.
    2.For lifting and transporting of steel plates and structures from all positions (horizontal, vertical and sidelong).
    3.Articulated lifting shackle.
    4.Plate clamps are equipped with a safety mechanism, ensuring the clamp does not slip when lifting force is applied and when load is being lowered.