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Turntable small tank

  • Machinery Moving Skates

    Machinery Moving SkatesTK Machinery Moving Skates Working Load Limit(WLL): 6-25T
    1. Suitable for load moving and transport heavy objects, machines and equipments.
    2. Manufactured from high quality carbon steel.
    3. Duration oiled metal wheels with polyurethan cover Avoid snatch or shock loading.
    4. Must be used in pairs for moving.
    5. The load can be lifted using either the roller crowbar or a jack, allowing the skates to be easily positioned.
    6. The moving skates are maintenances free and fitted with handles for ease of carrying and positioning.

  • Turntable Small Tank

    Turntable Small TankTK Turntable Small Tank suitable for moving and transport heavy objects, heavy duty machines and equipments.