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Technical points for the operation of the lever chain hoist Dec 03, 2018

As for the operation of the lever lever chain hoist, it is necessary to grasp some technical requirements. As a user, we need to reliably fix the hook of the lever chain hoist and the fixture, and reliably hang the chain hook and the weight to be lever chain hoisted. In the process of operating the lever chain hoist to lift the weight, the knob is pulled to the "up" of the position card, and then the handle is reciprocated, and the weight rises smoothly as the handle moves back and forth.


In the process of using the lever lever chain hoist to carry out the weight drop, the knob needs to be adjusted to the "down" position on the sign, and then the handle is reciprocated, and the weight is smoothly lowered as the handle is pulled. In addition, the hook position needs to be adjusted accordingly.


Normally, in the actual operation, when the lever chain hoist is unloaded, adjust the knob to the “0” position on the indication, and then turn the hand wheel to adjust the upper and lower positions of the chain hook to disengage the pawl. Ratchet, so that the chain hook can be used to adjust the position of the chain hook easily and quickly.